Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writing here after almost 2 months


I am writing here after more than 2 months, but I must say that I have been writing all this while. Internet has enabled me to wear my writer cap and now it just won't come off.

Writing has been my favorite pass-time or you may call it hobby, but I did not know that I would like it so much. I am registered with several sites where I contribute online with my writing. It really gives a lot of satisfaction that your work is being read.

The biggest thing of writing online is that you have a mechanism to gauge the number of times your contribution has been accessed. It lets me decide on which part of my own knowledge base I should dwell on to keep up the readership.

Its pays - a very important consideration. Money is a sign of ones success of his endeavors in life and once you are paid for some work you have done it speaks volumes about your work.

Above all, I am enjoying it.