Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jugaad and rocket-species and CommonWealth Games

Yesterday, while discussing the mess made by the organizing committee and all parties involved in the preparations of the commonwealth games, a friend said something interesting.

He started by expressing that despite all that is being said, the CommonWealth Games will be a big success. According to him, we have two things in our favor. Firstly we, Indians, have mastered the art of Jugaad and second, more interestingly, he said, we belong to the rocket-species.

Jugaad I have heard before it is compromise solution to resolve the immediate issues at hand. It most certainly is not a permanent long-term answer to a problem, but then CWG 2010 will be over by 14 October, won't it.

Rocket Species! That was new one me.

He went on to explain...

Have you noticed how the rocket moves? It sits dead in one place - there is no movement or reaction from it until the last moment. But, the moment you ignite its bottom see it take-off and cover distances of several hundred kilometers in the matter of minutes.

He said confidently "just watch that is what will happen at Delhi in the next 3 weeks. Let the fire be ignited, it should happen in the next couple of days, and see how everything smooths out."

Well lets hope you are right friend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CommonWealth Games v/s The Game of Common Wealth

Here is what cartoonist Ritesh Dubey has to say about Game of Common Wealth...

Shashi Tharoor lost his ministership for a much smaller offence (IPL franchisee bidding controversy).
What does Prime Minister Manmohan Singh plan to do with those who have compromised the national prestige...
  • the chairman of the organizing committee and his team
  • our sports minister
  • government in delhi

Common Wealth Games v/s Controversy Wala Games

The Government of India has invested thousands of crores to organize the Commonwealth Games at Delhi from 3rd to 14th October 2010.

Now, it is only 12 days to go and preparations are far from complete.

The visiting commonwealth delegates have to described the Games Village as "unliveable", "disgusting" and "filthy".

Britain's three top athletes - Christine Ohuruogu, Lisa Dobriskey and Phillips Idowu - have announced have already pulled out of CWG 2010. Australian Dani Samuels has withdrawn, siting health and security concerns.

Several other top athletes have  threatened to pull out of the games.

New Zealand and Canada too have indicated that their teams would pull out of CWG 2010 if Delhi fails to fix the venues, village and security in time.

Michael Fennell - CGF President has also expressed his concerns over the preparations and written to the Indian Cabinet Secretary on the issue.

The politicians will have a hands full answering to the angry citizens if the games fail - especially after so many resources that could have privileged the common man have been diverted for the preparation of the games.