Thursday, December 28, 2006

Writing is becoming a passion

It is a strange sensation.

I make a living by developing customized software solutions for the small and medium enterprises in and around my city. I have been associated with Computers and Information Technology (Web-Site: Data Spec) for almost 20 years and have been working on the Internet for quite some time.

Earlier I was unable to be online for more than a couple of hours a day. The reasons for this are not worth discussing and not relevant at this juncture. Recently, about 2 months back, I got my dedicated internet connection. This enables me to be online for the entire period my computer is on and it has changed the way I live.

Being online throughout the day, I am able to work more actively on the Net. I give more time for developing my own web-site – experimenting with technology and presentation. Besides work I am able to devote quality time for personal activities on the net. Above all things, I am able pursue my long suppressed interest in writing and I have a place where I can publish my views.

I remember very well, the amount of time I had taken to pen down my first article – from setting my thought process and assembling it all on paper. Many a times I would have to rewrite the whole article to get the proper feel and continuity. As time passes, the thoughts have started flowing more easily and with each article the time required to write has reduced. The grammatical mistakes, which were common earlier, have reduced. This means it takes less time to proofread it. Writing has become fun.

There was a time when I shied away from writing tasks. It feels so funny when memories of those days come up. There was a feeling that writing is for scholars and academicians and that I might not be able to match the quality and quantity. All this has changed, and changed so drastically. Now-a-days, I am ready to write about anything. In fact I am ready with my word processor at all times.

I only hope I am able to produce some quality material that you will like to read.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wow! I have my first comment

That was quick. I finally got my first comment on my blog.

It feels good. I would certainly like to thank the anonymous commenter. I was sure hoping that someone would comment on my blog, but I certainly wasn’t expecting one so soon. I wonder, how the anonymous commenter must have reached my blog?

I can think of only two options...
  • Some search engine
  • Random blog (Next Blog) button

This blog is not a professionally designed with the sole objective of making money and is hence poorly marketed. There is no team working on this blog. I have not told anyone that I am writing on this blog. I did offer for indexing at Yahoo, Google and MSN. Last time (couple of hours ago) when I checked up, none of them are showing up this blog even on directly searching for its URL – http:/

I wonder do these search engines index blogs. I was told blogs are checked up and re-indexed more frequently than regularly web-sites, but now I am beginning to have my doubts on these claims – not that I am affected in any way.

Ruling out the search engines, the only option left is the random (Next Blog) button or may be Blogger's own search option.

I really wonder – how did the anonymous visitor land on my blog.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Blog Surfing - My Favorite Pastime

I did some blog-surfing today.

It is one of my favorite pastimes - one that I indulge in quite often. Whenever I have some spare time I simply open search on and jump on to the first random blog. From there on I start clicking on the link on the top line of the blog. Sometimes, I do come across blogs that do have there top lines. In such cases, I use the browsers back button to go to the previous blog and select again. I would like to add here that I wish people would not remove the top line and also that I do not like bloggers who have removed the top line.

These trips are very interesting and informative. I come across all kinds of blogs. Sure, they are of all types. Flashy! Simple! Catchy! Interesting! Boring! Obviously fictitious! Simply True! Repetitive! Commercial! Innovative! I think you can always find enough variety to fit all the adjectives one can think of. Many-a-times I also come across languages that I am unable to make head or tail of, still I enjoy.

Today, was more significant because it was the first time since I have created my own blog. I found that my way of looking and evaluating a blog had changed. You can say that I was biased today.

I could feel myself comparing most of the blogs to my own. I was giving more time to some personal blogs. One specially caught my interest. It personal blog was by a young lady who had posted some nice articles and some cute photographs that she had clicked herself. There was a ring of truth and homeliness in the content. I could not stop myself from complimenting her.

Yes! This was the first time I commented on a posting. Earlier, I always refrained from commenting. Now that I have set up my own blog, I realize how much a blogger looks forward to feedback – good or bad – reaction is always welcome.

All in all, it was an excellent trip and I enjoyed it as always. If you haven't given it a try, you must. I am sure you will find something that you will cherish.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Its easy to blog

Yes, blogging is easy - fairly non-technical and feature rich.

Today, I it is my 4th day into blogging. I have already created one more blog ( on a topic of interest.

I am liking it, mainly because now I have a place where I can publish my writings. It gives me a kick to think that there might be someone, somewhere in the world, who will read my writings and may be find my thoughts interesting.

Moresoever, in these past 3 days one point of misconception was also cleared. I had started to believe that the blogs are places with a lot of traffic and I would be filled with responses and comments for anything I wrote.

This is not true.

I mean there is a lot of traffic but one will get a response only if the content is worth it. There has been no comment in any of my responses and now I am most certainly not deterred. I vow to strive until I become on of the favorite blogs.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Today I have started my own blog.

For more than a week I have been trying to make up my mind whether I should setup one for myself.

Finally, I have done it. Today I have started my own blog.

I did some searching and reading. All the material available ensured me that it would easy to setup one. The technology involved and the expertise in web/internet handling that would be required to blog is supposed to easy and I agree. I certainly was able setup this blog in a matter of minutes.

However, the big question was - "What would the blog contain?". Trust me, that is still a big question.

So, I have decided that I am going to use this blog to write. Simply write. Writing, for me, is kind of a hobby for me. I have always been fascinated with the art of writing. But, writing by itself is of no use if nobody reads it and gives feedback. I certainly hope that I am able to attract readership for my blogs.

Constructive feedback and comments on the blog are always welcome. Please do not send any proposals and schemes and most certainly do not send spams.