Thursday, December 28, 2006

Writing is becoming a passion

It is a strange sensation.

I make a living by developing customized software solutions for the small and medium enterprises in and around my city. I have been associated with Computers and Information Technology (Web-Site: Data Spec) for almost 20 years and have been working on the Internet for quite some time.

Earlier I was unable to be online for more than a couple of hours a day. The reasons for this are not worth discussing and not relevant at this juncture. Recently, about 2 months back, I got my dedicated internet connection. This enables me to be online for the entire period my computer is on and it has changed the way I live.

Being online throughout the day, I am able to work more actively on the Net. I give more time for developing my own web-site – experimenting with technology and presentation. Besides work I am able to devote quality time for personal activities on the net. Above all things, I am able pursue my long suppressed interest in writing and I have a place where I can publish my views.

I remember very well, the amount of time I had taken to pen down my first article – from setting my thought process and assembling it all on paper. Many a times I would have to rewrite the whole article to get the proper feel and continuity. As time passes, the thoughts have started flowing more easily and with each article the time required to write has reduced. The grammatical mistakes, which were common earlier, have reduced. This means it takes less time to proofread it. Writing has become fun.

There was a time when I shied away from writing tasks. It feels so funny when memories of those days come up. There was a feeling that writing is for scholars and academicians and that I might not be able to match the quality and quantity. All this has changed, and changed so drastically. Now-a-days, I am ready to write about anything. In fact I am ready with my word processor at all times.

I only hope I am able to produce some quality material that you will like to read.

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