Thursday, May 24, 2007

Writing and Writing Away

This blog has certainly helped me get into the flow of writing.

Obviously the readers of this blog may feel that there is not much that can be seen here that can in any be quantified in terms of my writing work. But, then this is where I write when I just want to write, generally when I get an itch to write.

This blog gives me a vent for letting out some of my emotions and try out my hand at different types of writing. Starting out from here I am maintaining a total of 3 blogs, 2 web-sites as part of my on-line portfolio. I have started contributing to the local newspapers. I have done a couple of small commercial valued writing assignments and a number of ghost writing work for my friends and clients.

Lets see where this itch to writing has in store for me in the near future.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

An Opinion on CWC 2007

There was absolutely no enthusiasm amongst the general public in India for the Cricket World Cup 2007 finals. India was an absolute no show and got knocked out in the Group matches, so much so that it could not qualify for the Super 8 Series.

This led to a total change of mood and loss of interest towards the tournament. Nobody was interested in any cricket related news. Within one day the audiences vanished and the channels showing the CWC games had lost their popularity. The public frustration and resentment was at its peak. So much so, that a couple of groups came forward asking the people not to buy the products of the companies who had shown all the high-pitched ads displaying the Indian Team players.

All the ads showing the cricket stars were gone. A couple of companies went to the extent of making public announcements to renounce the cricket players and pledging not to use these players in their ads and publicity material until they showed a marked improvement in their performace.

The cricket players in particular and the cricket board of India (BCCI) as a whole became the favorite topics of the comedy shows. The comedians had a field day encashing on the high-pitched claims made by the players in the ads and their poor performance. The promotors of one of India's leading television channels went to the extent of cooking up a scheme to revamp the entire cricketing and playing format of the game in the country, which was, as expected, promptly rejected by BCCI.

Let's see how the events unfold. Something drastic needs to be done and that too soon to retain the public interest in the game.