Saturday, March 24, 2007

India is out of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

India is almost out of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The only hope left of it making into the Super 8 series is that Bermuda should defeat Bangladesh with a good margin. The way both Bangladesh and Bermuda have performed in the recent past this seems highly unlikely.

This shabby performance of Team India has disappointed us.

Everybody around us is talking of all the bragging that the players shamelessly did in the media. The loud advertisements where the players left no stone unturned to convince the Indians that they would certainly return with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. We have also come across a group that is planning to run a pledge campaign where they are asking the people at large to boycott use of the products of the companies that contributed to the media hype that was created throught such advertisement, at least of a short period of time.

It is time the corporate world took notice of the resentment in the market and stops playing with the sentiments of the people. It could lead to a negative impact on the sales of their products.

Meanwhile, our city site has been shifted to its own domain - The beta site at was receiving decent traffic, we are keeping our fingers crossed and are continually hoping that web site keeps receiving better audience.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just unable to write.

Since the day I put up my last post, I just am unable to sit up and write.

It feels so strange. One day everything was smooth with me devoting a little time for all the activities lined up for the day then all of a sudden everything goes hay-wire.

Our group decides that we should put up something related to cricket on our site. With the mega event of Cricket - ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - round the corner it would be inappropriate if the site does not have anything on the issue.

There goes the peace into thin air. Setting the database and the software and compiling the data - phew!! One hell of an assignment and very little time to accomplish all this. However, we did it. The cricket section is up and running fine. There is still lots on our database that can be shown. If you are interested the URL is

Some customers got angry because we had neglected them. But I must say, it certainly did us some good. It has brought some steady traffic to our portal. Some search engine has got us indexed in some good position. Our logs are showing a steady inflow of new hits on the Cricket page of our site.

Now we have to do some thing to maintain these hits after the world cup is over.


Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog on my experiences as a portal developer

Its done. I have launched a new blog to document my experiences in leading the development of the city portal for Bilaspur.

The link for the new portal is

I look forward to pen down my experiences and share them with the development community at large.

I only hope I enjoy posting in the new blog as I have over here.