Saturday, March 24, 2007

India is out of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

India is almost out of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The only hope left of it making into the Super 8 series is that Bermuda should defeat Bangladesh with a good margin. The way both Bangladesh and Bermuda have performed in the recent past this seems highly unlikely.

This shabby performance of Team India has disappointed us.

Everybody around us is talking of all the bragging that the players shamelessly did in the media. The loud advertisements where the players left no stone unturned to convince the Indians that they would certainly return with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. We have also come across a group that is planning to run a pledge campaign where they are asking the people at large to boycott use of the products of the companies that contributed to the media hype that was created throught such advertisement, at least of a short period of time.

It is time the corporate world took notice of the resentment in the market and stops playing with the sentiments of the people. It could lead to a negative impact on the sales of their products.

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Anonymous said...

India's exit from the ICC CWC 2007 is bound to have posed a major setback for corporate India.

Many marketing plans and schedules have gone awry. Nobody in his wildest dreams had expected that India would not play the Super 8 series.

Anonymous said...

Quite true!

The bright side of India's exit is that we won't have to sit late in the night.

Anonymous said...

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