Monday, October 29, 2012

Windows 8 - My First Reaction

Here is my first reaction for Windows 8

The headline according to me would be - the new Start Interface is not complete.

What I liked...
  • I like the way Microsoft has gone light its the transparency fad, that it has used to extensively in Windows 7. 
  • I like the new Start screen, but I want a lot of customization options so that I can optimize it to my choice and liking.
  • Most of the applications are running smoother.
  • VB6 ran comfortably, with minor tweaks - This was important because I am still supporting a lot of my older applications on this platform.
What I did-not like...
  • The configuration for the Start screen is not good.
    • I want to be able add programs and apps and arrange (lock) them at locations of my choice on the screen.
    • The All Programs equivalent in the Start Menu is all botched up - In fact it was the scariest experience.
  • Most apps run in Full Screen mode - Why? I request Microsoft to give an option to make them run like normal windows applications.
  • Shut Down is not easy. Thank goodness I remembered Alt-F4 shuts down.
  • I would have appreciated if MSDE2000 would install, but I can do without it. I have successfully migrated to SQL2012 Express.

My first evaluation...
I am not regretting the update, but I would certainly appreciate a more "friendly" Start screen.

I wish Microsoft success with this Windows 8 OS.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Salman Khurshid - Did he give a reply?

Salman Khurshid - Did he address the issues raised against his trust?

No! A big No!

He did  not reply to any of the corruption charges that were leveled against him.

All he and his wife did was show a couple of photographs that were not related to any of the charges leveled against him over the last few days and a challenged individual who was wearing a hearing aid.

The main charges against his trust are that the trust had submitted several forged documents including a forged affidavit. He, himself, is that Law Minister of the country, and surely he knows the implications of submitting forged documents.

He just did not say anything on this.

Come on Mr. Law Minister, the people is eagerly waiting for some answers on the charges leveled and not unrelated stories.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Action against the protestors - Nothing against the corrupt

A couple of days back, TV news channel Aaj Tak did a story on the misdoings of a trust in UP.  The news anchors on the channel alleged that the trust run by Salman Khurshid and his wife is involved in siphoning off around Rs. 71 lacs of aid money by submitting forged documents.

According to the internal "departmental" investigations - a lot of papers were submitted with forged signatures and seals of officials in Uttar Pradesh, with the help of which money earmarked to provide aid-n-appliances for the persons with disabilities was siphoned off. The news also showed copies of letters from the UP government to the central government where in they have confirmed that the signatures and seals were forged.

In today's era of multi-crore scams this amount is chicken feed, but still the story was important because Salman Khurshid is India's Law Minister.

Although it remains to be seen who is guilty in the matter, there certainly has been foul play.

Today, on 12 Oct 2012, Arvind Kejriwal was arrested - or should I say detained - because he was protesting against this crime against humanity.

Is it not an irony? 

Action is being taken against the person who is just demanding action against the people involved in the matter. Even after three days of exposing this scandal, no action has been taken against the people who run the trust. Not even an inquiry has been announced.