Monday, October 15, 2012

Salman Khurshid - Did he give a reply?

Salman Khurshid - Did he address the issues raised against his trust?

No! A big No!

He did  not reply to any of the corruption charges that were leveled against him.

All he and his wife did was show a couple of photographs that were not related to any of the charges leveled against him over the last few days and a challenged individual who was wearing a hearing aid.

The main charges against his trust are that the trust had submitted several forged documents including a forged affidavit. He, himself, is that Law Minister of the country, and surely he knows the implications of submitting forged documents.

He just did not say anything on this.

Come on Mr. Law Minister, the people is eagerly waiting for some answers on the charges leveled and not unrelated stories.

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