Monday, October 29, 2012

Windows 8 - My First Reaction

Here is my first reaction for Windows 8

The headline according to me would be - the new Start Interface is not complete.

What I liked...
  • I like the way Microsoft has gone light its the transparency fad, that it has used to extensively in Windows 7. 
  • I like the new Start screen, but I want a lot of customization options so that I can optimize it to my choice and liking.
  • Most of the applications are running smoother.
  • VB6 ran comfortably, with minor tweaks - This was important because I am still supporting a lot of my older applications on this platform.
What I did-not like...
  • The configuration for the Start screen is not good.
    • I want to be able add programs and apps and arrange (lock) them at locations of my choice on the screen.
    • The All Programs equivalent in the Start Menu is all botched up - In fact it was the scariest experience.
  • Most apps run in Full Screen mode - Why? I request Microsoft to give an option to make them run like normal windows applications.
  • Shut Down is not easy. Thank goodness I remembered Alt-F4 shuts down.
  • I would have appreciated if MSDE2000 would install, but I can do without it. I have successfully migrated to SQL2012 Express.

My first evaluation...
I am not regretting the update, but I would certainly appreciate a more "friendly" Start screen.

I wish Microsoft success with this Windows 8 OS.

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