Friday, November 2, 2012

Is the charisma of Arvind Kejriwal waning?

India's fast track crusader against corruption, Arvind Kejriwal,  has certainly managed to catch the attention of the Indian masses.

He has directly attacked India's top political family - Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law and other top politicians. Opposition leader Nitin Gadkari 's business activities too came under public scrutiny after Arvind spoke against him. Now, his latest allegations against Mukesh Ambani and his flagship company Reliance Industries Ltd have once again raised the issue of corruption at high places.

All this certainly has caught everyone's attention. He has just reinforced everyone's belief the corruption is rooted in India in a big way, but it is fast becoming evident that even he can not do much to get the guilty punished.

So now it remains to be seen how long Arvind Kejriwal is able to retain all this attention. Even during the last revelation against Mukesh Ambani, we noticed that there wasn't much enthusiasm in way the people have reacted.

My question is...  Is Arvind's charm is wearing off?  and my own take is Yes!

The common man does not need any more  revelations. He knows how deep routed the corruption is in this country. He is too busy working hard for his next meal to care about revelations and accusation.

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