Friday, December 22, 2006

Wow! I have my first comment

That was quick. I finally got my first comment on my blog.

It feels good. I would certainly like to thank the anonymous commenter. I was sure hoping that someone would comment on my blog, but I certainly wasn’t expecting one so soon. I wonder, how the anonymous commenter must have reached my blog?

I can think of only two options...
  • Some search engine
  • Random blog (Next Blog) button

This blog is not a professionally designed with the sole objective of making money and is hence poorly marketed. There is no team working on this blog. I have not told anyone that I am writing on this blog. I did offer for indexing at Yahoo, Google and MSN. Last time (couple of hours ago) when I checked up, none of them are showing up this blog even on directly searching for its URL – http:/

I wonder do these search engines index blogs. I was told blogs are checked up and re-indexed more frequently than regularly web-sites, but now I am beginning to have my doubts on these claims – not that I am affected in any way.

Ruling out the search engines, the only option left is the random (Next Blog) button or may be Blogger's own search option.

I really wonder – how did the anonymous visitor land on my blog.

1 comment:

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