Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Its easy to blog

Yes, blogging is easy - fairly non-technical and feature rich.

Today, I it is my 4th day into blogging. I have already created one more blog ( on a topic of interest.

I am liking it, mainly because now I have a place where I can publish my writings. It gives me a kick to think that there might be someone, somewhere in the world, who will read my writings and may be find my thoughts interesting.

Moresoever, in these past 3 days one point of misconception was also cleared. I had started to believe that the blogs are places with a lot of traffic and I would be filled with responses and comments for anything I wrote.

This is not true.

I mean there is a lot of traffic but one will get a response only if the content is worth it. There has been no comment in any of my responses and now I am most certainly not deterred. I vow to strive until I become on of the favorite blogs.

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