Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The phenomenon of corruption in India

Now-a-days, corruption is the hottest issue on the top of every news source, be it television, papers or the net. Government officials are being caught with red-handed accepting bribes and / or amassing wealth beyond their known means of income.

Most claim that corruption is on the rise, but I do not agree with this. I think that the exposure of corruption is on the rise. People, specially those placed in high government offices, who indulge in corrupt practises are being exposed at a very high rate.

Suddenly, it appears that the saying that nobody is above the law may actually have some substance it in. People who were once considered above the law are being sent to jusdicial custody - this includes even cabinet ministers, top bureaucrats and film stars.

Still I feel one thing is lacking - and that is conviction. The rate at which the convictions are coming in is very slow or almost negligible. I am not on expert on the legal system, but still I can say that something is amiss. We are unable to convict and execute known criminals merely on technicalities.

Celebrity criminals who have been convicted by lower courts are roaming free. The world is still waiting for the punishment of the 26/11 criminal who was caught on the fateful day to be executed. So many government personnel who have been trapped by the investigating agencies are out on bail awaiting their turn to be tried in courts.

The government really needs to address the issue on a war-footing. One must realize if the rate of convictions go up, it will also act as a deterent for people indulging in criminal activities.

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