Monday, August 29, 2011

Jan-Lokpal Bill - Everyone has won

The strength of Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement can be truly classified as a victory for democracy. The government, the parliament, the constitution, Team Anna and mainly the common man - everybody won.

Yesterday's rejoicing at India Gate in the evening. The crowd that had gathered, showed the level of involvement of the common man with the issue. Just the knowledge that the government has agreed to include the points raised by the Jan-Lokpal Bill in its final bill was enough to bring the people out on the streets.

The Signal
The mass gathering at India Gate and reports of rejoicing from other parts of the country on 28-August-2011 is a clear signal of how dear this issue is to the common.

It is clear signal to the politicians that this is a golden opportunity for them to ensure their seat in the next parliament. They will have to come all out in the open and maintain a consistent and visible pressure on the government to speed up the process underway at the Standing Committee and pass the bill at the earliest.

Swami Agnivesh
Where everyone has won, there is one face that has lost credibility.

A revealing video shown on several news channels where Swami Agnivesh is seen talking someone named Kapil. He appears to be referring to Team Anna as a mad elephant. The content of the discussion was enough to brand him a traitor.

Now, Swami Agnivesh can give all the justification he wants and the accusation may not stand in the court of law, but the common man does not need any more proof.

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