Monday, December 5, 2011

Arrogance v/s Humility

Today, arrogance has become a way of life, isn't it.

When I was young my parents used to teach me that...

  • One must be polite and humble. 
  • There is no harm in accepting an error, as long as we learn from it and do not repeat it.
  • We were taught not to back-answer our elders.
But, today I find these teachings are very much out of vogue. People who live on these principles are considered fools. Sometimes it is out right humiliating when a no-good youngster who does not even know what he is talking of - tries to arrogantly show off how much or must I say how little he/she knows.

The same also applies the other way round; it applies to the elders too.

Today, I feel folks are ashamed of saying they made a mistake. They are ashamed of admitting that someone smaller than them - it could be in age or it could be in stature - knows better than they themselves do.

I am sound a little old fashioned, but, I sometimes loose my temper when I see things going out of hand.

Where has all the humility gone?

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