Thursday, May 23, 2013

Corruption, corruption and more corruption - even Cricket is not untouched

Now-a-days, the news channels and news papers are busy exposing some corruption, scam, scandal or the other. Most of the time, the ruling UPA Government at New Delhi has been at the target of these agencies, but this time the focus has shifted.

After being in the negative-light for Lokpal, Black Money, 2G, CWG, Coalgate scandals, it must be taking a breath of relief that this it is Cricket that has hit the media.

This time the focus has shifted to Cricket and the scandal of spot fixing in the IPL matches. The media reporters are busy working overtime trying to keep up pace with the revelations that are coming out from the various investigating agencies and the subsequent reactions and developments after each exposure.

There is so much money around the Indian Premier League from its very inception, in fact I was surprised to know that people were willing to pay so much money for owning teams and then again were still ready to shell out more for "buying" players for their teams.

I think it was only a matter of time before some controversy, the underworld and the betting industry stepped in.

And not surprisingly, in the second year itself it was forced to shift the tournament to South Africa due to some controversy. Then next season (in 2010) the first IPL commissioner and the "father" of IPL Lalit Modi was removed from his chair following allegations of corruption and irregularities amidst other charges.

The matches of IPL 2012 were also stained with reports of spot fixing, but this year (2013) the spot fixing scandal is promising to be the murkiest of it all. This time celebrities - cricket players, a film star and allegedly a team owner - are involved. The cops have already taken some of these celebrities into custody alongwith several bookies from different cities.

So much so, the controversy still appears to only be bloating and expanding. Time alone will tell whether the it will burst or fizzle out.

All things said - one thing is certain - the Congress led UPA government must be considering it a relief that this time it is not at the receiving end of the bad news and publicity - for a change.

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