Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What action was taken against the the Wrong-Doers of Campa Cola Housing Society?

Time and again, there crops up news about builders and developers keep violating regulations and approvals in the structures that erect. All this happens right under the noses of the civic authorities, sometimes even in connivance.

These builders then manage to sell their illegal structures for a huge profit, leaving their innocent consumers to face the music with the civic bodies.

The Campa Cola Housing Society is also an example of one such project. The matter has even been heard by the Supreme Court of India. In the latest development, the people are being made to vacate so that demolishing may be done.

Another project - The Adarsh Building - is also in the limelight for some similar wrong reasons.

Way back in the 90s, several top, illegal floors of Pratibha, another high rise in Mumbai's Peddar Road area, had been demolished for similar reasons.

One common feature in each of these cases is that the builders managed to sell the illegal projects and very little action was taken against the wrong-doers. The major part of the burden of the penalty (the consequences of demolitions and other actions) had to be borne by the residents at these projects.

Very little, almost negligible, action was taken against the builders and promoters - Why?

I wonder, what action has been taken this time against the erring builders and promoters of the Campa Cola Housing Society????????

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