Monday, October 15, 2007

Writing Blogs - Its good! Its Fun

I feel I have come a long way since 3rd December 2006 when I wrote my first blog here at Writer's Itch.

The more I write - the more I feel like writing, and believe me I have written a lot.

I may not compare to some of the professional writers who can write page after page without much pause, but still I have written enough original content - mostly research based - in the last 10 odd months. I have enjoyed all that I have written.

Let me summarize - I am presently maintaining about 8 sites, these include websites and weblogs. The way things are moving, I won't be surprized if it becomes 16 before I complete my first year at blogging.

You can find my content here at BlogSpot, then at WordPress. There's a link here that will take you to a blog at Opera.

One of my proud display is "" the portal for Information on Bilaspur City. It is been completely done from concept to implementation under my stewardship.

I have submitted articles for magazines - though not all were selected. I have tried my hand at news-writing.

Lets see how things pan out.

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