Sunday, November 23, 2008

What do you expect in your elected representative?

I just had this interesting thought...

What do you expect from your elected representatives?

Elections are a common thing in today's democratic world.

United States just completed its general elections Barack Obama has won.

Out here in Chhattisgarh, India we have just completed the polls for the state representatives - results are still awaited. Five other states in India are presently going through the poll process. Somewhere down the line within the next three to four months, the nation will vote to select the central government.

What should be criteria to vote for a representative? I am on the look out for some options and suggestions?

Please add your suggestions through comments to this post.


Gajen said...

Let me offer some thoughts to begin with...

* The rep should have an undisputed reputation
* He/she should have a knack for understanding and help out people with their problems.

Spectator said...

Should not have a criminal history.

Anonymous said...

They should understand the needs of the people and have a track-record for working to resolve the problems of the people they want to represent.