Monday, December 10, 2012

Focus back on UPA Governemnt after WalMart declaration

Even as things seemed to be improving for the ruling UPA government, WalMart's statement in the US has once again put the UPA government in a corner.

WalMart - the company is clearly seen to be the biggest beneficiary of the recent FDI decision of the Congress led UPA Goverment. WalMart has gone and said before the US Senate that it has spent around Rs. 700 crores in lobbying for the opening of the retail sector in Indian.

This has given the opposition in particular and Indian public in general an opportunity to once again raise eyebrows.

The UPA government has faced a lot of criticism over the last few months over the way it has handled its political allies and the way it has been on the back foot on the issue of corruption. Last month the government suddenly showed some bone and announced a couple of decisions which were believed to be unpopular with most political parties and the win in both the houses of the Parliament must have been a big morale booster for the Congress led UPA government.

But, now let us see how the statement by WalMart - the biggest apparent winner of the FDI decision - impacts the Indian government.

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