Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Violence is not and can never be part of any solution

Violence is not and can never be even a small part of the solution to any problem.

No matter how much disagreement you have with anybody - violence can never be part of the solution, at best it will only compound the problem. No matter who instigates is, no matter who strikes first.

This is what has happened at India Gate in New Delhi. So many protestors were injured, one police constable even lost his life.

Please no more!

It is my request to the representatives of the people that form the governments, to be a little more sensitive to the sentiments of the crowd. No person is on the streets for the fun of it. The people have taken the streets in such large numbers because they feel that the government is not delivering.

Reports of rape,  crimes against women and other crimes against humanity have become common-place and still there are so few arrests and even fewer convictions. It is quite natural for the people feel insecure. I think it is right for the people to have come out in large numbers to ask the representatives, they have elected, to do something to create a secure and save environment.

Where else can they go?

The string of events that lead to the lathi-charge were very misfortunate. It has only increased the gap between the people and the government.

Please no more!

Life can be pleasant and peaceful for all only if this gap reduces. I request the leaders to handle the issue, that has touched so many hearts, a little more sensitively.

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