Friday, September 27, 2013

Rahul Gandhi speaks against the Government's ordiance on convicted lawmakers

Things are really not right for the Congress led UPA Government at Delhi.

For long, the decisions taken by the Indian Government have been disapproved. Allies, Opposition, common public and sometimes even party colleagues. In fact, the government had gained reputation as the roll-back government that has had to go back on many of its decisions in the recent past.

Taking this reputation one notch up, the Congress led ruling coalition has approved an ordinance that even the Congress party's most powerful leader Rahul Gandhi has criticized.

The government has approved and forwarded, to the President of India, an ordinance on convicted politicians. This ordinance received widespread criticism both from within the and outside the Congress. Even a minister in the government - Milind Deora - has publicly spoken against it.

The latest addition to this brigade was Rahul Gandhi, when he spoke in the media about his opinion which was totally against the ordinance.

It seems that the Congress party has mastered the art of acting against public sentiment and attracting receiving criticism at almost every step.

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