Thursday, December 12, 2013

Delhi is headed for repolls - No party appears to be ready to form government

Delhi is headed for repolls.

No party has received a clear mandate in the recently concluded state elections in Delhi. BJP bagged 32 seats while the new party on the block the Aam Admi Party, AAP won 28 seats. BJP has already turned down the Lt. Governor's invitation to form a government. The second biggest party AAP has already made it clear that it will not form a government without a clear majority.It is also expected to submit its refusal to the Lt. Governor by Saturday.

If the new government is not formed by 18 Dec 2013, Delhi state may under the President's rule, thereafter, the state will have to go to polls within 6 months.

In the recent state elections of 2013, BJP has won in 3 states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, while Congress has retained Mizoram.

Delhi is the only state that faces fresh polls.

Meanwhile, the new party on the block has really shaken the national political scene.

Encouraged by the results in Delhi - AAP has already started planning its venture into the next General Elections and also the State Elections of Haryana and Maharashtra. One spirited faction of the party has even expressed its desire to face Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at Amethi in the forth coming General Elections.

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