Sunday, December 29, 2013

Man of the Year - Arvind Kejriwal

By far, Arvind Kejriwal easily qualifies as the Man of the Year in India.

His achievement - Arvind Kejriwal has single-handed changed the way Indians think about politics and politicians.

The man has been crusading for more than a decade against corruption in government offices. I am sure many must not have taken him seriously when he formed his Aam Admi Party (AAP), but he has proved his mantle.

It is alleged that AAP is the only party that did not use any unfair means to contest the poll.

AAP has exceeded all expectations. The nascent party has bagged 28 seats in Delhi in the state elections that were held in December his year. Even though the party failed to get majority scenario evolved such that it has formed the government in the state.

On 28th December 2013, he has been sworn-in as Delhi's Chief Minister.

His achievement - Kejriwal has become the symbol of clean and good representation in Indian politics.

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